Three of the Best at the World’s Biggest Dog Show

Three years ago I would have been very surprised to hear myself say this, but I really do love Crufts. There’s something special about the atmosphere, the people and …well … all those dogs. And this year was made all the sweeter for me by three dogs that I treat, doing exceptionally well.

Massage can play a prominent role in helping dogs prepare for competition, whatever their discipline, and all three of the dogs featured below had a treatment before their various competitions. Not only does massage warm the dog up, it can also be used to stimulate the dog, so by the time it goes into competition it’s fully prepared for action.

First up there was Kera, the working Cocker Spaniel. She’s an agility dog and she and her owner and trainer, Liz Finchett, are part of my local club, the Absolutely Barking Agility Addicts. Liz and Kera were competing with the Kidderminster Team and I was delighted when they won the medium dogs team agility.

It was all terribly exciting with all sorts of twists and turns. In the semi-finals the Kidderminster team were the last team to run. One of the team was eliminated and they took the fourth place of the four teams in the final.

In the finals Kidderminster were the first team to run. Once again they had one team member eliminated but nonetheless they won the event as all the other teams had at least one member eliminated and Kidderminster were quicker and has less penalty point awarded against them.

You can see every twist and turn in this amazing competition below


Later on, on the same day I was delighted when Jacqui Woodhall and Anya won the Newfoundland Bitch Challenge. I was particularly thrilled for Jacqui as she’s had a very difficult time lately but Anya came up trumps for her. It had been a long day for Anya, who didn’t go into the ring until after 4:00 p.m., so her pre-event massage really helped to pep her up.

Jacqui and Bearhugs Anya in the ring
Jacqui and Bearhugs Anya in the ring


I love it when clients come and say hello to me at Crufts so it was an unexpected but lovely surprise when Linsey Toon called past with the lovely Mistral, a Merle. Mistral and Linsey were part of the Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold Display Team and Linsey asked if I could put a bit of verve into Mistral. I was, of course, only too pleased to oblige.

You can see the amazing display that the team put on below.


All sorts of dogs can benefit from massage, not just dogs with obvious mobility problems. If you think I might be able to help you and your dog please ring me for a free telephone consultation on 01902 256408 or come and see me at next year’s Crufts!

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